Discover your SPOT

SPOT PERFORMANCE is a training studio fully equipped with high-quality equipment enabling you to unlock your athletic potential in total privacy.



Opening hours

6 AM – Midnight


500SQ F


Not limited


  • Rack (with safety arms)
  • Bumper plates (150kg-160kg set)
  • GHR bench
  • Open trap bar
  • Adjustable bench
  • Olympic barbell (20kg)
  • Barbell (15kg)
  • Safety barbell
  • Dumbbells (2,5kg-30kg)
  • Kettlebells (12kg-16kg-20kg)
  • Sled
  • TRX wall mount
  • Hip thruster/nordic curls bench
  • Cable machine
  • Ski erg
  • Spinning bike
  • Massage table
  • Reebok tep
  • Smash medicine balls (3kg-8kg-12kg)
  • Elastic bands
  • Landmine kit and attachments
  • Slider
  • Callisthenics parallels bars
  • Mobility tools
  • Agility kit (ladders, cones,…)
  • Balls
  • Athletic hurdles
  • Boxing bag and gloves
  • Grip and belt accessories


  • Toilets
  • Water
  • AC
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • TV



Spot Performance provides a well-equipped, yet comfortable training environment for my clients and me. The private environment gives my personal training sessions the added personal training edge over training at commercial gyms with no need to worry about equipment being unavailable or having to work around other members workouts. 

Personal Trainer


Spot Performance gives us the privacy to get the most out of our training without the burdens of working in a shared exercice space. My clients feel comfortable there, and I feel at home. The equipment is fantastic, and so is the location.

Personal Trainer


Spot Performance is a very quiet place and a good option to train your client(s). It is a good size studio where your clients feel at home. 

Personal Trainer

We want to be accessible


Most frequent questions and answers

It is very simple. Download our app, sign-up, accept the terms and conditions received by email and we will activate your account for you to book your first session!

We have 5 different packages for training purposes, as well as different packages for content creation – head up to our app to discover the different prices and conditions.

We offer a 12h cancellation policy,

Send us an email. We will get back to you very quickly.

You must enter the studio at the time of your booking. However, if you see on the app that the studio isn’t being used before your session, you may be free to enter 10 min before your session starts.

You must leave the studio at the time that your session ends. However, if no one is after you, you may feel free to stay up to 10 minutes longer to finish your session.

These incidents can unfortunately happen (even though it’s uncommon), and are very hard to monitor for us. This is why we want to put a big emphasis on creating a trust relationship with our clients However, if you find yourself in that situation, don’t hesitate to contact us with the app, and we will take the necessary measures to make sure you never run through these issues anymore,

We encourage our clients to use the studio to create content for their socials and promote their business, with professional content creators. You can do that by using one of the packages in the photo/video shoot package.

Furthermore, we can also help you in this process with UNDER THE SPOT production and take care of everything.