Meet the founders

Established in 2021 by two French siblings, Gianluca and Tatiana Deodato, SPOT’s mission is to empower personal trainers and individuals throughout their wellness and athletic journey. Luca and Tatiana believe in providing the best possible environment for training while also offering invaluable support in promoting their client’s businesses through their expertise in marketing and sports video production.

A man and a woman standing wearing black clothes at a photoshoot in front of a background saying make it yours.
A blond man standing during a professional photoshoot and wearing black sports clothes. There is a background in the back with brick and a slogan says make it yours.

Gianluca DEODATO

As a personal trainer, I have always dreamed of having a dedicated, private and well-equipped space, to train myself and assist my clients in reaching their athletic potential. It became obvious to me that many personal trainers as well as individuals were sharing the same desire and interest for training in TOTAL privacy.

After studying Film and TV production for three years at University in my early twenties and as a big fan of sports commercials, I decided to start my own video production dedicated to sports and athletes. UNDER THE SPOT was born and SPOT slowly became much more than just a company of private training studio(s), it became an ecosystem offering many different services to the sport community.


As a woman, I always felt intimidated in a gym. I never felt comfortable training in a crowded place, and I have never been able to push myself in order to obtain the results I wanted. When my brother asked if I wanted to join the adventure, I didn’t hesitate. 

I knew that if I felt this way, lots of people would feel the same.

My goal is now to give everyone the possibility to train in a gym without feeling overwhelmed, to finally get the results we all deserve. As a marketing professional, I also understand the importance of storytelling and visual aesthetics, and I help personal trainers and athletes to unlock their full potential through compelling videos that leave a lasting impression.

Brunette woman standing during a professional photoshoot and wearing black sports clothes. There is a background in the back with brick and a slogan that says make it yours.



We empower individuals to break through, overcome obstacles and discover their true capabilities, so they can become their better selves.


We treat our clients, suppliers and partners with courtesy, dignity and consideration and we create a sense of inclusivity where everyone feels valued and heard.


We encourage our clients to overcome obstacles, learn from difficulties, remain focused and achieve their goals.


We celebrate diversity, social cohesion and create an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive.